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“Water, water every where… So let’s all drink some water!”  Famous qoute from Homer Simpson right before he attempted to drink the ocean water when Homer, Ned, Bart, and Todd were stranded at sea.

Yes Homer, 70% of the planet is covered by water.  Unfortunately, 97% of the Earth’s water is undrinkable salt water and 2% of the water is frozen in ice caps.  That means only 1% of the Earth’s water is drinkable.  With a little help from Global Warming we can change that!  I mean…  If we continue to waste water at current rates, we will have to defend our precious 10,000 lakes from the Californians, Arizonans, and New Mexicans. There are a number of ways to prevent the complete depletion of our fresh water supply.

First and foremost is to change our living habits.  The average American household uses about 300 gallons of water a day compared to the average African household that uses about 5 gallons a day.

Turn off the faucet when shaving and brushing your teeth (saves 4-6 gallons)

Take shorter showers (saves 25-50 gallons)

Fix the leaking faucet (saves 16 bathtubs of water in a month)

Refrain from watering the lawn
Well, I’m a big fan of the long showers, I also can’t stand a brown lawn, and I’m definitely flushing the toilet even if it is just a “number one.”

Low-flow toilets – use 1.6 gallons per flush.  Toilets consume 40% of the water in a home, that’s why if you make one household change, it should be to low-flow toilets.  It is very inexpensive and saves you money down the road.

Dual-flush toilets – two types of flushes, one with 0.8 gallons used for liquid waste and 1.6 gallons used for solid waste.  After all there are two numbers, why shouldn’t there be two flushes?

Low-flow showerheads – also very inexpensive to install.  Low-flow showerheads may cut your energy bill in half!

Tankless Water Heater – only heats the water that you use and does not constantly run.

Off-Peak Water Heater – water heater that shuts off during hours of non use, while you sleep and while you’re at work.

Check back about Graywater and Rainwater when Resource Efficiency comes up.

And don’t worry about Homer and the boys, they found an off-shore drilling rig converted into a Krusty Burger.


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Is it just me or does Christmas come earlier every year? No matter how much time you spend getting your home ready for your entire family they always end up in the kitchen. The real question is, is your kitchen ready for the holiday marathon? Believe it or not, now is the time to think about remodeling for the holidays. Get that outdated room dressed to impress the in-laws.

Here is a great example of a kitchen we just finished on 3rd St. in Northfield.

Before Pictures                                                    After Pictures


Here are more pictures of the finished project

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3rd Street Remodel Update

We winding down to the end of our kitchen remodel on 3rd St. There are a few finishing touches left but here is the latest update. The painting is done, the tile backsplash is in, and we’re waiting on glass to be installed on a few doors.

The homeowner selected Wellborn Premier Series cabinets in cherry. The permeter cabinets are in cherry light and the island is espresso. We put in Cambria countertops, a Kohler sink, and a Delta faucet. The homeowners were really concerned about keeping the kitchen looking Victorian as much as possible with a hint of the modern. We brought in some decorative elements the mimicked their original trim around the doors and windows and kept the colors some in keeping with the 1880s. The major change that we made was enlarging the length of the kitchen. The island is 12″ longer then the old one and the new Sub-Zero refrigerator is now where the doorway was. They now have more storage space and landing room framing the cook-top. We also took advantage of the 13′ tall ceilings by adding the mantel soffit hood about the cook-top. The tall box brings your eye right up to the ceiling.

Stay tuned for further updates.





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3rd St. Project Update

We are heading into the final stretch at our 3rd St. kitchen remodel. This week the counter tops were installed and the cabinets are getting finished up. They are currently working on finishing the plumbing and installing the appliances. Next week is painting and then the tile backsplash!



Decorative furniture storage


View looking at the cook-top and hood system


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Housing Slump Creates Prime Time to Remodel

I found this article at Qualified Remodeler about the swing in the housing market from building new homes to remodeling.

From what we at Schmidt Homes Remodeling are seeing in the past 18 months remodeling is way up. From kitchen updates to major additions to finishing a basement we’ve done it all.

This particular remodeling job was located in the country and we did changed the whole look of the exterior of the home. A front porch was added, we replaced the siding with cement board siding, we even found period accurate posts for the porch! Then we went inside and remodeled the kitchen, dinning room, and living room. We rearranged the set up of the rooms and had custom cabinets made.

I’m not kidding these really are same homes.





This home was featured in Midwest Home Magazine’s December remodeling issue. Look for our ads in the January issue and the upcoming April issue of Midwest Home.

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Maybe you have noticed all the activity on 3rd St. by the Northfield Library. We are currently doing a major remodel at the home, including finishing the attic, renovating a bathroom, remodeling the kitchen, and a mud room addition. We are over half way done with the project. The attic has been operational for a month and the bathroom is being finished today. The kitchen and addition are still moving along.

The bathroom before remodeling.



The bathroom after

The kitchen remodel was a major project. We added onto the dinette and increased of the number cabinets. The homeowner will have more storage space. We are installing Wellborn Premier Series cabinets. The client selected cherry cabinets in two stain colors. The island is a deep espresso and the perimeter cabinets a nice warm light stain. They are installing Cambria counter-tops, a Kohler under-mount sink, and a Delta faucet. One of the major challenges that we faced in this kitchen face lift was finding the proper finishes for a Victorian home and yet still maintaining all the modern conveniences.

The Kitchen in October 2007


The Kitchen in January 2008


Today the wood floor is being re-finished and next week the counter-tops will be installed and the plumbing fixtures. The appliances will be delivered this week, the refrigerator will have wood panels added to the doors.

Stay tuned from more updates.

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