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Indoor air quality has become a hot topic as of late with the increase of asthma and allergies amoung our young population. There are some simple things that you can do.

To learn more check out the EPA’s A Guide to Indoor Air Quailty.

This guide outlines the causes for indoor polluntants and lists out soluntions to reduce toxins in your home.

One of the easiest ways to improve the air circulation in your home is simply by opening the windows when you can or turning on exhaust fans. Another easy trick is to purchase a HEPA air filter. It saved me when I lived in the dorms in college. Weatherizing your home will help, changing furnance filters will help, cleaning out duct work, all those little things help improve your air quality.


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On Nation’s Building News Online they talk about the energy tax credit is back for home owners for 2009!

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This is one of the more difficult green principles to describe. Site management focuses on things like containing the site and ensuring that things like storm water run-off doesn’t leave your property all the way to having an aesthetically pleasing piece of property. This can also encompass purchasing products for your project from local sources to support the local economy. You can argue that the total amount of energy consumed by the building structure will also have a direct impact on the community at large.

Some strategies to improve your site and community impact of your home is to build a rain garden, use rain barrels, plant drought resistant plants, buy local products, reduce your over carbon footprint, etc.

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